About us

Historical Background

History Background: Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment was established in 1958.

Geographic Feature

Within a distance of 100 km from Shanghai and Nanjing, this institute islocated in Changzhou, one of the major cities in Yangtze River Delta. The maincampus is in Changzhou Science and Education Park, a national testing site ofhigher vocational education reform.

Research Competence

Renowned for the research competence in physical and mechanic performancetesting of textile fibers, analysis and testing of dyes and auxiliaries, designof new textiles, and fashion design.

Education Feature

Implementing the education mode “cooperation betweencollege and enterprise, and combination of learning with fieldwork”,the institute develops the feature of enhancingstudents' practical abilities on the basis of multi-platforms and theeducation pattern is “Combination oftechnique and arts”.

Campus Facilities

This institute covers 825 acres, with the building floor of about 300,000square meters. It is garden-styled, digital, ecological and sustainabledevelopment campus. School library is about 29,000 square meters and contains acollection of over 1,100,000 books.

There are 50,000-square-meter sports ground, 11,000-square-meterplayground and 400-meter standard racetrack. 15 dormitories cover the buildingfloor of 101,000 square meters. Teaching facilities and equipment are valued atRMB 80 million. There are also key libraries such as Jiangsu Provincial

Engineering Technique Centre for Functional Fiber and Changzhou Key Laboratoryof New Type Textile Material. In addition, this institute is qualified forasserting 163 types of work in its state-level Vocational Skills Certificationand Training Centers. Over 140 off-campus training and teaching bases has alsobeen established in its partner enterprises.

Superior Quality

This institute is located in the first state-level higher vocationaleducation park: Changzhou Science and Education Park. Six institutes in thepark cultivate technical talents for Changzhou and other cities by openclasses, credits admitting and resources sharing. This park has signedcontracts to cooperate with scientific research institutions, high-techenterprises and prestigious universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences,Nanjing University, Hohai University and the universities from USA, Canada,Britain and Germany, etc. About 100 centers have been established forexperiment, social practice, training and technique development. It is goingforward to be the demonstration area of national vocational education,experimental area of integrating producing, teaching and researching, andnesting area of science and technology innovation. It has been highly praisedand visited by the presidents of the country such as Hu Jintao, Jiang Zeming,etc..

International Exchange Office Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment No. 53 Gehu Road Changzhou Jiangsu, 213164 People's Republic of China